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OSPRI and the Open Organization community at Opensource.com are seeking proposals for an article series focused on o​pen principles and methodologies in education​.

Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation (OSPRI) | Housed in the Social Science Research Institute at Duke University, OSPRI harnesses the power of open source principles and methodologies to design and scale open learning contexts for a more equitable and collaborative world.

The Open Organization community at Opensource.com | As part of the world’s largest open source storytelling platform, Opensource.com, the Open Organization community discusses the ways open principles are reshaping contemporary approaches to organizational culture and design.

Potential Topics

Articles should discuss the ways open principles and practices are reshaping educational institutions. Such principles and methodologies include open knowledge and access to information, collaboration and community, transparency and meritocracy, inclusion and diversity, and iterative creation and adaptability.

Pieces can be ​aspirational​, about the transformative power of open in education; they can be ​reflective​, about successes and failures implementing open principles in education; they can focus on ​praxis and actionable activities others can replicate or remix; or they can be ​all of these things.​ Finished articles will be approximately 600‒1000 words in length and will be released under a Creative Commons license. Please note that topic suggestions below are meant to be generative, not restrictive or exhaustive.

  • open data and community-embedded student projects
  • redesigning for transparent assessment (learning competencies, course evaluations, admissions criteria, promotion requirements)
  • meritocracy, inclusion, and hierarchy in learning spaces
  • student content production as prototype / design-thinking and agile development
  • open knowledge (open access journals, open licenses for publication)
  • modular and adaptable class design
  • cross-sector collaboration
  • co-creative course design and collaborative syllabi
  • open hardware and makerspace pedagogies
  • your idea!

Connect with Us

If you have a question about the series, an idea you would like to brainstorm, or a proposal to share, ​we want to hear from you!​ Please connect with us in one of the following ways:

Aria Chernik​ | founder and director, OSPRI | Email: a​ria.chernik@duke.edu | Twitter: @​ariachernik

Bryan Behrenshausen​ | Editor, Opensource.com | Email: b​behrens@redhat.com | Twitter: ​@semioticrobotic