Fri, 05/05/2017
RedHat Summit

OSPRI was on the road in April and May with interactive presentations about transforming education through the power of open.

At the Creative Commons Global Summit in Toronto, Aria Chernik, Director of OSPRI, spoke about 21st century education within the context of open. To increase access and diversity, she partnered with Virtually Connecting so participants spanning the globe could collaborate in the discussion.

Chernik also brought the OSPRI message to the Red Hat Summit in Boston, where she gave a talk about why education needs the open source community. Embodying the deep interdisciplinarity that open makes possible, her co-presenters included an information technologist who replaced proprietary software with free, open source solutions in his K-12 school district and a professor of interactive games and media.

Closer to home, graduate student Anna Engelke, who has been working with OSPRI since last August, presented a hands-on, interactive workshop about teaching 3D printing with low-tech STEM activities and open source code at the Construct 3D conference held at Duke University.