Funding Opportunities

Open Source Innovation Grants

OSPRI is pleased to offer an open source innovation grant program in partnership with the Innovation Co-Lab. The goal of this grant is to encourage and support students who want to use the power of open source to make a positive impact on the world. Have an idea to improve education, help the environment, contribute to animal welfare, streamline civil services, or advance healthcare? If you want to use open source for good we want to help you develop your project, from start to implementation.

Innovation Colab Grants

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Open Source Innovation Grant Projects:


The goal of this project is to create and develop an application that allows foster care caseworkers to quickly find a new placement home for a child with the objective of allowing the child to stay in the same school. The Durham Public Schools system serves 34,000 students across 53 schools. FosterHomeFinder will help ease the difficult transition of a foster child who is changing homes by empowering Durham Social Services caseworkers to seek new placement homes districted within the child's existing school.

Duke eNable  

eNable is a global network of passionate volunteers using 3D printing to provide amputees with prosthetic designs that inspire. Duke University is excited to be starting its own Duke eNable chapter and opening a hub to connect individuals with 3D printed prosthetic technology. The Duke prosthetic hub connects amputee patients in the Durham area with 3D printed prosthetic devices. By conducting user-driven research and development projects, and by forging partnerships with prosthetics organizations located both locally and abroad, we hope to push the boundaries of 3D printed prosthetic solutions, and to enable amputees with the devices we design and print.

Research Assistantships

There are currently no open research assistantships at this time.

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