Two students collaborating on a project

Students will employ design thinking and agile methodologies to ideate, develop, test, and iterate an open source education technology prototype based on their research interests and personal passions.

This project addresses the gap between how learning occurs outside and inside academic settings—between the participatory, social, crowdsourced, self-organized learning students authentically engage beyond the classroom and the industrial-era, one-to-many, hierarchical-driven teaching occurring in many classrooms.

Our team will pilot a viable, scalable and replicable open source pedagogical model, and develop a beta version of open source education technology focused on social, adaptive and customizable learning. Depending on interests, students will write and submit an article to an open access publication, design and publish open educational resources, and submit an abstract to participate in a conference to present the pedagogical prototype and their education technology product. 

Course or Project Type: Bass Connections Project, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Information Science and Studies, Education