Are you searching for a job in the bustling tech industry? Whether you're a seasoned member of the tech community looking for a new challenge or a recent graduate looking for your first job, contributing to open source projects can be a great way to boost your attractiveness as a candidate....


Python is a powerful, versatile programming language that's popular with open source software developers. Whether you're a seasoned developer looking to test your code, or you just want to learn the basics, the following resources might help.

1. Codecademy: The hands-on approach...


Institutions of higher education stress the importance of student autonomy in academic exploration—yet the typical configuration of university courses does not take full advantage of students' potential to become actors in their education, rather than just receivers of it. To realize this...


When I first discovered open source, the idea of building a business around it seemed counterintuitive. However, as I grew more familiar with the movement, I realized that open source software companies were not an anomaly, rather a result of the freedoms open source offers. As GNU project...



OSPRI (Open Source Pedagogy, Research + Innovation) is harnessing the power of open to transform education for the 21st century. Guided by open source principles and methodologies like open knowledge and access to information, collaboration and community, transparency and meritocracy, inclusion and diversity, and iterative creation and adaptability, OSPRI is designing an open learning ecosystem for a more open world.

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Supporting students who want to use the power of open source to create a better world.

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OSPRI is jointly housed in Duke University’s Social Science Research Institute and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative with generous support from Red Hat.

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